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Football school funded by big lottery fund

1 of 100 mums selected to take part in the Tough Mums Tough Mudder for Good Morning Britain on ITV alongside the presenters such as kate Garraway and Ben Sheppard.

Stand Out For Autism was born in June 2015 after holding an awareness and fundraising event for other autism-friendly organisations in the local area.  In March 2015 Holly held a family fun day at SportsAble in Maidenhead where over 300 people attended, the event comprised of information, services, stalls, a sensory room and entertainment and from the results of this event it was very clear there was a need for events and activities for the autism community in this area.  Holly also wanted to start an organisation that could organise and hold activities for a family like hers and others in Maidenhead.

In the June of 2015 SOFA worked with Craft Coop and TVAP to deliver art sessions at the playground, these included art projects that were designed around needs for children on the spectrum.  In the August of that year SOFA also held it’s own first fundraising event again at SportsAble and this time were raising funds to begin their own projects.  During the Autumn of 2015 SOFA held various stay and play sessions and a film club at Forest Bridge School and at Sure Start Centres throughout the Borough.

At the end of 2016 the Big Lottery’s and IITV campaign the Peoples Projeects shortlisted us in their London Region where we won and were awarded £46,060 after receiving over 3,300 votes from our local community.

After being awarded this amazing amount of money the charity has gone on to start so many more projects within Maidenhead and plan to not stop there.

The charity currently runs 4 different activities weekly in Maidenhead for all ages and has ambitions to build on all of these with a drama group already in the planning. 


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